Protecting sensitive data is almost one of every organization top goals to achieve, and two important arguments for protecting it are:

  • Avoiding Identity Theft.
  • Privacy Protection.

The improper disclosure of sensitive data can cause harm and loss to the company, customers and company’s’ staff and potentially harm the reputation of the companies. Therefore, it is to everyone’s advantage to ensure that sensitive data is protected.

These five bullets points will show you the importance and the process of keeping your data protected:

  1. Data Security is Fundamental:

Every institution, company, and organization in different fields must apply data security to its system since all of them has the private information that needs to be protected and hidden from other eyes.

Competitors are always looking for a piece of information that makes them better than you, so having a secure system will disable them from reaching you, also it will give you the competitive advantage on them.

  1. Know Your Data:

The first step in securing data process is to know what you really need to protect, this step will lead you to identify the levels of protections needed to be used, the kind of systems and tools to apply and which data source to protect first.

Keeping data confidential and safe from loss is the result you get after you put the highlighted data you need to protect.

  1. Plan Ahead:

Create a plan to review your data security status and policies and create routine processes to access, handle, and store the data safely. Archive unneeded data. Make sure you and your colleagues know how to respond if you have a data loss or data breach incident.

  1. Scale Down:

Keep your data up to date, possesses only the data you need for routine current business, safely archive or destroy data and remove it from all computers and smart devices that you will not be using on

  1. Lock up!

Physical security is the key to safe and confidential computing. All the passwords in the world won’t get your laptop back if the computer itself is stolen. Back up the data to a safe place in the event of a loss.