Backed with EITC’s wide range of information security services, our customers maintain vulnerability-free system that helps them concentrate more on managing and developing their businesses.

A resourceful information security team will work with the customer based on their business nature to come up with a modified service to fit the needs.

  1. Security Assessment

With deep data analysis and smart detection, we can calculate and anticipate the vulnerability risk by:

  • Risk Classification: Know what type of risk is there, how it occurred, where and when it happened, and what are the best ways to stop and avoid them.
  • Penetration Testing (Application, Server OS, Network): Scanning and thoroughly analyzing your applications, servers, operating systems, and networks, EITC figures out the cracks in the shield and patches them accordingly to prevent any future attack.
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing – VAPT: Using neatly designed pen testing algorithms and tools, the system is safeguarded.
  1. Security Managed Services

Whether you’re challenged with meeting IT budget demands, or just looking for more efficiency around your compliance and security initiatives, we understand that all businesses are different, and that’s why our Managed Security Services are designed for that kind of flexibility.

  • Security Operation Center – SOC: Explore how we can help you build a world-class security operations center (SOC) by focusing on the triad of people, process and technology. This enables a centralized visibility over websites, applications, databases, data centers and servers, networks, desktops and other endpoints.
  • Service Level Agreement – SLA: Security SLAs are now a permanent fixture of doing business. If you are an enterprise, you should expect them from your vendors. If you are an IT business, you should be supplying them for every service. Let our experienced team help you to build the level of service you are seeking for.
  • Vulnerability Management (Managed Service for VA, VI, VC, VR, PT): Vulnerability management planning is a comprehensive approach to the development of a system of practices and processes designed to identify, analyze and address flaws in hardware or software that could serve as attack vectors. We help you seal the holes and fix any issues with accurate remediation.